UX links roundup – the best UX & design articles, tools and more from the last two weeks

Understand cognitive biases, design perfectly accessible links, conduct better user interviews, edit video online, discover cool stuff and help an AI caption cartoons.


Giving a damn about accessibility – A candid and practical handbook for designers.

Cognitive bias and the design process – Our own biases can creep into the design process if we’re not careful and mitigate them up front. Here’s some strategies.

The perfect link – How to write, design and code the most accessible links.

I helped pioneer UX design. What I see today disturbs me. – Is UX going in the right direction, and what can be done about it?

The fetishisation of UX design – UX is more than just making something look better.

5 facilitation mistakes to avoid during user interviews – Some common mistakes to avoid in UX interviews include poor rapport, multitasking, leading, insufficient probing, and poorly managed observers.

Cool tools

Testing Accessibility – Free six-part email training course on building accessible web apps.

Mastershot – Free, web-based video editor.

Cool stuff

GNOD – Find new music, films, books and things to buy with the Global Network of Discovery.

Four Laps – Fun talk from Figma Ignite, recorded live with no post-processing or editing.

Help a computer win the New Yorker cartoon caption contest – Every week the Pudding submits a GPT-3 generated cartoon caption, will one win?

Sophisticated company name generator – Use random UK place names to generate your new company name.