UX Lift links roundup 10-16 August

Your latest UX & design links: how the UX process has developed, help stakeholders understand the benefits of UX, run better design sprints and a cute mind-mapping tool.


The evolution of UX process methodology – Must-read overview of how the UX process has grown and changed over the years, encompassing Agile, Lean, design sprints, dual track and more.

How to explain the importance of UX to your stakeholders – How to convince stakeholders to take UX seriously.

Proximity principle in visual design – Obligatory N/N link. A good primer on the gestalt principle and how it can make you a better designer.

Design sprint 3.0 – A newer and more refined version of an old favourite.

How blending lean, agile, and design thinking will transform your team – Apologies for the quantity of UX process links this week, it’s been on my mind a lot. Anyway, here’s a good piece from Jeff Gothelf.

Cool tools

Kinopio – Kinopio helps you think through your hardest problems. From the co-creator of Glitch.com

Cool stuff

Rambly – A virtual space for events like happy hours, parties and meet-ups. Walk and talk with your friends in a 90s style video game.